Yali’s Résumé Do’s and Don’t Quick Pick

It’s hard to enough putting a résumé together in a hurry these days to then be assailed with conflicting advice from recruiters, résumé-writing gurus, and college advisors. We spend countless hours applying jobs and hear nothing but crickets, wondering if our résumés just disappear into a black cyber hole. I know. I’ve been there. Sometimes we wonder if these jobs even exist.

I’m not mad, though, because I’ve been on the other side and know recruiter résumé overload is a REAL thing.

According to The Ladders, recruiters spend ONLY 6 SECONDS reviewing an individual résumé. Yeah, you heard it – Flipper would probably give your résumé more attention. All that time and effort dedicated to ensuring all your t’s have been crossed and i’s dotted, and all you get is a quick discerning glance. *sigh*

But no need to fret, there ARE ways to make sure your résumé won’t get the tossed to file 13. Here’s my quick pick for now. I call it a quick pick because there are more where these came from, so stayed tuned!

Résumé Infographic


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Be well.