We Must Support Each Other

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I love, love, love meeting and connecting with other women who are doing extraordinary things in business, entrepreneurship and social media! I get a huge thrill out of bouncing off each others’ ideas and how we maximize on social platforms to network, collaborate, and convert our intentions into business ventures. We build long-lasting relationships and help each other flourish into better people. I genuinely truly thrive on my sister-friends’ infectious energy, support, and enthusiasm. We ARE our true sister’s keepers!

I don’t know about you, but my ideas seem to take over my mind in the wee hours of the night. Ugh! Is it me or do our nighttime musings seem less brilliant after we wake up the next morning? I tend to hop on my to-do list as soon as the sun comes up, so most times the brainwave that kept me up for a bit the night before dims down as the day unfolds. And sometimes I forget entirely! 🙂

Note to self: Place a notepad next to my bed for when my inner Einstein decides to pay my Cabeza a visit during ungodly hours. Like this one…

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But this blog post is not about the possibility of sleep or insomnia potentiating our creativity.

It is about women supporting women. 

I recently re-launched my business website. Like most “go-live” events, part of my launch plan was to personally share it with my inner circle in hope to spread the good news.

Well, that doesn’t always work as well as it should. People are busy. They already have tons of things to do AND read every day. The news of your new gig may not be their priority.  And that’s OK. We don’t ever want to be too spammy. We should also not be too sad if no one subscribes to our blog, passes on our new website, or follow our social channels we’ve spent countless hours developing. All you need is time. It will come. Employing a good mix of organic and paid social media will be the smart way to go, methinks. How have YOU expanded your reach? Please share!

We may also find ourselves asking some big fat questions like: Are my posts boring? Are they too long? Are my photos engaging? OMG – am I a shitty blogger???  Maybe my topics are not of interest to my readers. Yeah, that must be it – says the voice in the back of my head. How about when someone you know unsubscribes. Now that’s a low blow! Have you ever experienced this? What were your thoughts?

Now back to the topic…

I’m feeling a lot of love these days from the ladies in my inner circle. I am fortunate enough to have some incredible power-women who have always inspired me to grow and aspire to greater things — and I thank God for placing these angels of wisdom in my life precisely when I need it.

Women need to support each other for these reasons:

  • Positivity begets positive results. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been down in the dumps doubting myself when someone I look up to came along and said: You CAN do this. And that nudge is everything. It’s often the push I need to get me to do that thing I’ve been putting off, or afraid to do. It helps me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Remember to give back that energy and support ‘cause you know – Karma. You gotta give to get!
  • We are who we surround ourselves with. Circle yourself around women who are movers and shakers — and guess what! Those things will start to happen to you. Women on this path need to develop relationships with people who share a similar business and life vision. Be selective on who you allow in your orbit. If your charmed circle is not capable of being a true support system, well you know what to do.
  • When women support each other, they dispel myths and stereotypes. We are not all prone to cat fights. If we help, support, and empower each other – rather than trying to compete – we help each other grow. Together we have the potential to spur brilliant ideas, build alliances and ignite our creative genius. Believe that!

With that said, I’m excited about my future as a solopreneur. I know – hands down – I can do this! However, my biggest challenge right now is being able to get behind the scenes and diversify my marketing pie. It’s funny because even after earning a degree in Organizational Management and minoring in Project Management, I don’t recall any of my courses teaching us to how to obtain clients in our businesses, so I will definitely need to refine that skill on my own.

In between that, I will continue to develop both my personal and business blog. I’m spinning my wheels trying to build subscribers, but all in due time. My goal with my business blog is to build a digital space where female entrepreneurs can chime in to talk about their challenges, accomplishments and share business tips.

Until then, cheers to us!

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” —Michelle Obama 

 photo 090116Yvette_Ali087-reCROP 2.jpgYvette Ali is a freelance online business manager, travel storyteller, and small business development blogger that inspires her audience to work smart, ignite their spark, and share their entrepreneurial journeys.