Terms and Conditions


A signed contract is required prior to the establishing of a business relationship. Your contract will outline all the details so there is clarity on what is expected by both parties.

Errors and Omissions

Final proofreading is the responsibility of the client upon acceptance of the work delivered. All errors reported within 48 hours are corrected at no additional charge. Sources of material that are Illegible or of poor quality may be subject to an additional fee.

Estimate vs. Actual Costs

All quoted estimates are provided to the best of my ability after review of your project. Final invoices are based on actual project requirements and may change if the scope of the project changes. Difference in excess of 20% will be discussed with the client prior to project completion.

Billing and Payment Terms

A 50% upfront deposit is required for all work, unless otherwise agreed. All fees for services performed are billed in one hour intervals.  Returned checks will be billed at an extra cost of $30. Invoices are due within one week of billing and will have a 5% late fee imposed if it’s paid after that. Outstanding invoices will result in loss of service until your account is settled in full.

My Pledge to My Clients

  1. All content created is original and sourced per requirements.
  2. All original content created will not be republished or sold to other publishers.
  3. Regular updates on progress.
  4. Confidentiality is upheld to the highest standard.
  5. All electronic files are kept secured via subscribed cloud storage.
  6. I uphold the ideals of integrity, competence and professionalism and would never engage in any activity that would bring the profession into disrepute.  I do not take on any work considered illegal or immoral or condone or engage in any illegal or unethical practices.
  7. I abide by the ACA’s Code of Ethics.