In a nutshell: I’m Yvette Ali. A mom, wife, food geek and connoisseur of curiosity.

But the backstory goes like this:

Most of my career has extended at a once world-class oil refinery located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, serving in multiple administrative roles over a span of 20 years. There, I earned a reputation as an intelligent, decisive, and active administrator — becoming seasoned in client/corporate relations. 

My career at the refinery came to an end when, after 40 years of being in business, it closed down. Everything came to a screeching halt and I and, about 2,000 others, were left jobless in just a matter of a few months. That’s a huge chunk of my life there. I had to reinvent myself and think about what was next. 

Shortly after, I took a year contract job as a Program Manager. The government project’s objective was to help jump-start unemployment and pave the way towards work 3.0 models. This was the sine qua non that got me thinking about starting my own freelance business. I had dabbled in it before and realized how liberating it feels to be able to have full control of your time. From there I joined the laptop tribe while I worked on finishing up my B.A. in Organizational Management.

I’ve worked with people in the U.S. mainland, U.S. Virgin Islands, and United Arab Emirates, so I have a particular edge towards our increasingly global landscape.  I appreciate cultural nuances and am enormously attracted to creativity, technology, and all things humanly meaningful. 

Apart from giving my clients a peace of mind, I love cooking, traveling, researching, and blogging about my expat experience living abroad. 

If there is one thing you need to remember about me is that I get things done. Oh, and I go crazy for Japanese pastries 🙂 

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management with a minor in Project Management, and specialization courses in Human Resources
  • Associate of Arts in Retail Marketing
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Certified NCCER-Proctor
  • Lifelong Education Workshops in: Telework Career Development, Digital Literacy, Drug & Alchohol Collections/Procedures, OSHA Regulations and Recordkeeping, Business Writing & Grammar, Business and Smart Work Strategies, Managment & Supervision, Résumé Writing, Office Safety, First Aid/CPR, Stephen R. Covey 7 Habits, Petro-chemical Plant Safety, Leadership, Interviewing & Hiring


  • Administrative Consultants Association


Administrative Consultants Association Member