What is your time worth? The things you find tedious, I may find very rewarding. Research and organization run deep in my veins. I love giving my clients all the information they need in a usable format.  I can help you focus on what you do best! You can leave the things that take too much of your valuable time to me.

My administrative and office process experience spans over 20+ years bearing expertise in areas pertaining to HR, consulting, management, training and development, executive support, process improvement, and more. I provide high-level administrative and business support in the following areas:

  • Business Support
  • Résumé Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Writing Consultancy

I am responsive, efficient, and a stickler for accuracy. With today’s digital age, the only thing I won’t be able to do for you is deliver coffee, but perhaps I can have it delivered to your door. 🙂