Business Support

Struggling with the overhead expenses of shouldering a full-time, onsite employee? Nagging back-end admin work got you down?  What is your time worth? The things you find tedious, I find rewarding. You did not start your business to be bogged down with formatting, marketing, updating, inputting, doing research, answering endless emails and troubleshooting pesky admin issues.  

One Month Trial Support Package (5 hours) — $190 per month

Not sure if a VA is what you need? Just give it a whirl and see if this is right for you. Get started with your Trial Support Package, which includes 5 hours of business support and a free consultation.

“Tackle This Mountain” Package (10 hours) —$300 per month

Do you find that none of your catching up ever gets you caught up? Is your “to-do” list ridiculously long this month? The Tackle This Mountain Package will help you with your immediate agenda, lengthy task list, regain control of your email, scheduling, organizing your digital files, managing campaigns to tying up any loose ends.

“Let It Go” Package (20 hours) — $600 per month

Are you burdened by the logistics of running your business? Do you have a system but just need someone to keep up with its daily execution? Are you battling in-box anxiety? Can’t seem to find time to focus on all those brimming ideas you want to work on? I can help you run your business in the background by handling the fine print so you can focus on the big picture.

“Silent Business Partner” Package (30 hours) — $900 per month

Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall in your business? Are you going through a difficult development phase?  Some significant soul-searching may be in order. Sometimes entrepreneurs need another set of eyes to see things they don’t.  I can help you sort through those pain points, and help streamline your small business by offering real-life perspective and constant business support. Together we can discover how we can save time and help you focus on converting leads to sales.

Ala Carte Services

This pay-as-you-go service works well for those who do not want a monthly minimum commitment or those with small projects.

Calendaring/Personal Concierge Services — $35 per hour

How much time are you losing each day trying to manage your busy calendar? Delegate your calendar, appointment scheduling, and reminders so you have more time in your day to focus on what is really important. Includes: appointment scheduling/rescheduling, dinner reservations, reminders, travel arrangements, tracking birthdays/anniversaries/important dates, e-cards, and gift purchases.

Desktop Publishing/Presentation Prep — $40 per hour

Microsoft PowerPoint:  Slide Presentations, Formatting of  Proposals, Handouts, Post Cards, Flyers, Prices Lists, Newsletters, Surveys, photo editing/graphic image placement and more.

Digital Filing — $25 per hour

Digital files in a mess? Can’t find a darn thing? I can take your files from chaos to order in Google Drive. Includes creating folders and moving files into them.

Document Creation — $35 per page

Need dazzling documents? Let me take that off your desk. I can create or redesign your documents with proper alignment, white space, and tasteful color and typography. Whether hard copy or interactive, you need forms that are user-friendly and easy on the eyes to make a good first impression on your clients or customers.

Email Management — $30 per hour

Don’t let email eat away at your workday. With my email management service, you get in-box monitoring which includes replies to routine requests, sorting and getting rid of junk, forwarding items of importance, reminders, creating filters, and organizing folders and labs.

MailChimp Set-Up — $150

Email marketing is a necessary tool for targeting new & existing customers. Let me set up your Mail Chimp account so you can hit the ground running.  Includes: setting up MailChimp account, importing your email list, integrating social media accounts, creating a reusable template consistent with your brand, loading and scheduling your first newsletter or email with provided content.

Ongoing Support — $30 per post

Email marketing does not stop with one campaign. You’re a business owner, not an admin! Hand me over the content and I’ll handle the rest.  

Research — $40 per hour

I can help you research information for academic papers, business plans, your competitors, comparison shopping to monitoring of news or periodicals and clipping articles of interest.

Web Services — $35 per hour

Editing/uploading new content to a website, webinar/teleseminar setup, website updates and website proofreading.

Website Moderation (Pre and Post) — $30 per hour

Ensuring that I enrich your web community’s culture with thoughtful posts and knowing how to tactically enforce netiquette. Includes keeping an eye on forum posts and replying in an appropriate and intelligent manner, as well as moving, and closing threads per your forum guidelines. Any uploads of files, videos, or data.

Word Processing and Spreadsheets — $40 per hour

Microsoft Excel: tables, charts, graphs, tables with formulas, spreadsheets, database documents, such as mailing lists, etc. Word Processing: proofreading, editing, and checking spelling / grammar / laying out / formatting of documents in everything from manuals, technical guides, reports, white papers, proposals, and more.

* Any expenses acquired specific to the client are billed to the client. Routine daily office supplies and equipment are my responsibility and expense.